Alaska Back Care Center

Our Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Clinic

x-ray chiropractic

We are a primary care provider for spinal injuries as well as common musculoskeletal issues and we provide the best in conservative therapy for the these types of injuries. We have an extensive medical referral network for those who need it.

Don’t expect a sterile, stuffy atmosphere in our clinic. We are casual, don’t wear uniforms, and we try not to wear neckties. We maintain a light, friendly atmosphere to make you feel comfortable.

Our staff is friendly and efficient, scheduling appointments properly to keep our patients on schedule. Our patients don’t spend much time in the waiting room, and often have little time to sit down!

We take a scientific approach to diagnosis and treatment, and Dr. Barry Matthisen stays on the forefront of research with his involvement with the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. We use cutting-edge diagnostic imaging to detect injuries thanks to our Digital Motion X-ray. We use the latest therapy techniques, including Active Release Technique (ART) and Class IV Laser Therapy.

We accept most insurance and we can bill it for you. Alaska Back Care Center is a participating provider for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alaska, AETNA, United Health Care, VA referrals, CIGNA, EBMS, and others. Do you have a worker’s compensation claim, personal injury claim, or auto crash injury claims? Rest assured, we have you covered.

Digital Motion X-Ray

digital x-ray machineDigital Motion X-ray  (DMX) is a new type of  fluoro-based x-ray system. Combined with new digital and optic technology, it allows us to view the spine in a real-time motion at 30x-rays per second. The procedure is performed with the patient standing and actively moving their head and neck within the system.