Sciatica is a painful condition caused by irritation or inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Some of the common symptoms include numbness, tingling, and sometimes burning down the back side of your thigh, calf, and into the foot. A lot of radiating leg pain is referred to as sciatica because the sciatic nerve is the most commonly affected nerve coming out of the spine. Irritation to the sciatic nerve can be caused by:

  • Bulging disc
  • Acute injury leading to inflammation
  • Sprain and strain
  • Entrapment from the peripheral soft tissues
  • Bony impingement

Luckily, sciatica is a condition that can be conservatively managed with chiropractic interventions. Conservative treatment options are the first line of care for sciatica. This includes:

  • Spinal Manipulation Therapy (SMT)
  • Rehab exercises
  • Active Release Technique
  • Massage therapy

Fortunately, Dr. Barry and Dr. Bryan Matthisen and their team of licensed massage therapists is the perfect team to help lead the way back to opitmal health!