Digital Motion X-ray

Digital Motion X-ray (DMX) is a type of fluoro-based x-ray system. Combined with new digital and optic technology, it allows us to view the spine in a real-time motion, which reveals how your spine moves in real time. The procedure is performed with the patient standing and actively moving their head and neck within the system.

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Learn More About the Digital Motion X-RAY

A Digital Motion X-ray exam (DMX) in our office can quickly and accurately reveal one of the most common causes of chronic neck pain and headaches. Ligament and joint damage from injuries like whiplash can result in painful instabilities, which need to be seen in motion rather than static films like plain film x-ray and MRI. DMX films you in real time while in motion, unlocking the mystery of many neck pain syndromes. With our new software system, we analyze your DMX in a detailed report with computerized measurements outlining your findings and we can e-mail you this report and actual video. This is especially helpful in directing appropriate treatment and gives visual objective evidence often sought for in whiplash injuries.

“Plain films are of limited diagnostic value in painful pathology of the connective tissues. Digital Motion radiography is currently a valuable diagnostic method in evaluation painful hypermobility and instability due to post traumatic and degenerative pathology… as currently available from DMX."

American Academy of Pain Management: A practical Guide for Clinicians – Sixth edition, chapter 33