In recent years, both chiropractic care and yoga have enjoyed a strong surge in popularity. These are both practices that offer significant mental and physical benefits. They're also surprisingly similar to each other! Yoga makes a great adjunct to chiropractic care, and it can make a particularly effective addition to the treatment regimen of patients recovering from injuries.

Properly-done yoga has a host of benefits. It can improve balance, flexibility, and endurance, strengthen muscles and joints, reduce stress, and even help manage blood sugar levels. These benefits synergize nicely with those provided by chiropractic care, such as improving joint mobility, misalignment correction, and better nervous system health.

Yoga Is Great For Strengthening Joints And Ligaments

A lot of conventional forms of exercise are targeted at major muscle groups. This is fine, but it may overlook the more delicate joint ligaments and smaller muscles. Yoga is great at exercising all of the body's muscles, including the ones you don't even realize need a workout! Strengthening those smaller muscles pays out surprisingly big rewards. They keep your body in balance and reduce the amount of strain put on the bigger muscles. This holistic muscle strengthening is great for recovering from injuries and it can also reduce the odds of getting injured in the future. The all-around strength promoted by yoga also makes your body more suited to receiving chiropractic care. A strong, balanced body responds better than a stiff, unbalanced one.

Yoga Promotes Healing

Yoga is a great stress reliever because it involves thorough stretching. This also makes it the perfect way to prepare for a chiropractic session; it clears your mind while warming up your muscles. Chiropractors can provide more efficient treatment if you arrive for your session relaxed and flexible. This is just one of the ways yoga can promote faster healing.

Yoga And Chiropractic Care Both Increase Mobility

For chronic conditions and serious injuries, chiropractic treatment can require a lot of "prep" time before it's capable of actually resolving your problem. Many patients, very reasonably, find this delay frustration. To expand on the point raised above, yoga is an excellent step that patients can take to speed up the healing process. Regular yoga practice expands the body's range of motion, and this, in turn, helps your chiropractor get through the preparatory stages of treatment. When you put added effort into your treatment outside the chiropractor's office, the more in-depth and effective your chiropractor's treatments can be. This is especially effective for patients working on joint issues and back or neck pain.

Yoga And Chiropractic Care Together Reduce The Chances Of Future Injuries

Chiropractic treatment and yoga are aligned in their focus on proper body alignment, elimination of tension in muscles, strong joints, and good balance and posture. Taking care of all of these areas makes your body better able to avoid injuries in the future and can also reduce the severity of injuries when they do occur. Combining chiropractic care and yoga into your healthcare habits will be more effective than using either one on its own. Find a professional chiropractor in your area today. Call to find out how you can get started with adding chiropractic to your yoga routine.
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