Why Visit A Chiropractor For Your Stiff Neck?

Have you ever experienced waking up in the morning with a stiff neck? This is one of the most terrible things to experience after a long good night's sleep. Almost everyone has experienced this; whether you've had the wrong sleeping position, you've exerted too much effort while exercising, or accidentally strained one of your neck muscles without you even noticing it. Regardless of the cause, experiencing this neck pain is no joke. Here are some pain management options one can try whenever you've experienced stiff neck:

Pain Relief Meds

Tylenol and other over the counter medications can give you relief, especially when the pain isn't too intense. This works for those people who are experiencing mild pain to feel a bit better as you wake up. Ibuprofen is another alternative to Tylenol - or any other over the counter medications that can help reduce inflammation to help manage and reduce the pain that you're feeling.

Apply Warm Compress

Sometimes, all it takes is a little warmth applied partnered with mild stretching to get rid of the crick in the neck. One can opt for a heating pad, or one of those warm compress bags applied directly to the spot for a while. Once done, stretch the neck gently - and many people have reported to have experienced quick relief immediately afterward. The warm compress can help reduce inflammation, while the stretching can help in loosening the tension that's in the muscle area. Quick note though, whenever stretching any muscle group, to prevent from pushing it too hard. You don't want to cause more damage than it already has right now. IcyHot topical gels are also a great alternative to those who don't have a heating pad.


You'd be surprised with how massage can bring pain relief to your stiff neck. Just give it a little rub - don't exert too much pressure, or don't apply pressure on those areas which are already hurting. If the stiff neck is basically caused by a tight muscle or tendon, a simple and quick massage in the area usually does the trick.

Chiropractic Care

Lastly, but not least, chiropractic care is one of the best options that one can go to if they are experiencing any sort of pain. It can be a cricked neck or any injury related to any part of the spine. When you have a stiff neck, a chiropractor can help you get rid of the pain by properly aligning your spine. This method alone helps promote healing and even helps with the spine alignment, which eventually leads to pain relief.

In the event you've decided to go and visit a chiropractor, there are chiropractors at The Joint who may be able to help get rid of your stiff neck, and/or prevent pains in other areas of your body. Spinal manipulation is one of the techniques being used by chiropractors for proper spine alignment, and in turn, can help reduce pain and even the occurrence of injury. You can easily walk-in, no appointments needed, and pricing is incredibly affordable. Talk with a chiropractor by visiting The Joint and get the help you needed today.

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