Chiropractic specialists at Alaska Back Care are committed to keeping you healthy and enjoying a quality life. We try to research and try to give you as much info as possible to ensure you are staying healthy. At Alaska Back Care, we have noted how more patients are complaining of neck aches and other complications that are triggered by prolonged periods of looking down at a mobile phone. 

Most people are addicted to their phones, especially texting, because of social media platforms. They will spend many hours looking down and texting with their phones, which results in muscle strain and pain. This means texting is becoming a major concern to chiropractors, but many people are giving little or no attention. So, what do you need to know about texting, and why should you be worried about it?

Texting and Neck Pain

When using your phone, you will mostly assume a bent posture. This posture is known as text or tech neck where, while it may not seem like a dangerous pose, if done repeatedly, it can trigger severe side effects. The position can exert extra pressure on your spine, which explains why you will start experiencing pain on your back when you use your phone for a long time. 

How You Can Avoid Pain from Text Neck

To avoid suffering from text neck pain, you can do the following:

Avoid looking down on your phone for long periods

Taking breaks is the best way to avoid experiencing pain from texting. Instead of looking down on your phone the whole day socializing with friends, you should instead give them a call. You can also reach out to them by using other devices such as a computer instead of the phone. If you must your phone for a long period, remember to look up regularly. 

Switch texting positions

When you are using your phone for a long period, keep on switching positions to avoid straining some parts of your body. Instead of looking down on your phone, try raising it high to a position that won't prompt you to bend your neck. This will prevent putting pressure on some parts of your body, leading to pain. 


Exercising is vital for the overall health of your body. Text neck problems can be resolved by practicing the right exercise and stretching. When doing routine exercise for your body, try to do techniques that allow your neck to relax. This will relieve the strain that you may have accumulated on your neck or spine. 

Visit a Chiropractor

If everything else seems to fail in addressing texting neck, try visiting a chiropractic specialist such as Alaska Back Care. Here at our facility, we have what is needed to rectify the negative impacts of text neck. We can even help you to adopt a strategy that will prevent it if you are not suffering from it. Our chiropractic techniques will align your spine properly and allow you to enjoy a healthy body. Schedule an appointment today and get your texting problems resolved.

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