Have you ever consulted a chiropractor? If your answer is no, we can safely presume that you are missing out on something very important. As per estimates, one out of every 11 people across the developed world visits a Chiropractor at least once a year. It is mostly due to consistent headache, back pain, neck pain, or sports injury that makes people visit a chiropractor. These all can relate to musculoskeletal complaints. For long, chiropractic care has been surrounded by misconceptions. Though my job here is not to remove the past and present misconceptions about chiropractic care, I would like to present some research-based facts that may have escaped your attention.

- Blood Pressure: In a 2007 study, it came to light that specific Chiropractic care for the upper neck had a positive influence on blood pressure. The improvements were attributed to alterations in the baroreceptor and chemoreceptor and functions.

- Athletic Performance: There is a rising trend of engaging Chiropractors and seeking their help by professional athletes around the world. Chiropractic management of sports-related physiological issues assists sportsmen in cutting down the healing time of an injury, improves reaction times, and boosts posture, flexibility, and strength. These are some crucial factors that determine sporting performance in high-intensity competitive events.

-  Headaches: Headaches are common ailments and often, but not always, the cause is traced to the dysfunction of the cervical spine. Still, a large number of facial pains can be managed and healed by spinal Chiropractic care. Deft messaging, manipulation and mobilization of the spine and working around the neck can help alleviate facial pains.    

-  Sciatica: This is a nagging condition that can linger on and can badly affect the normal life. Chiropractic management holds great promise in the management and treatment of Sciatica as it's non-invasive and brings no new risks compared to other medical procedures. Before you head out for painkillers, injections, and surgery, it makes sense to consult your Chiropractor.  

Various studies have found Chiropractic care to be beneficial in many other health conditions. These include back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, scoliosis, trigeminal neuralgia, and a number of postural issues.

What Chiropractors Do?

Chiropractors examine the complaints of the neuromusculoskeletal system (Neck, low back, shoulder, knee, hip, nerve pain). They have the top education in diagnosing and treating the pathologies related to this system and use a wide variety of treatments to combat those pathologies:
-Manipulative Therapy
-Soft Tissue Mobilization
-Rehab/Corrective Exercise Prescriptions
-Rehab Consultations
-Kinesiotape Application
-Nutritional Consultation

It's never too late

While reading this if you are thinking that it's time for you to see a Chiropractor and find out how he can help you, you should call up a local Chiropractor right now. It's not late yet to see how Chiropractic management can benefit you. 

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