As a society in general, we sit far too much! Whether that is due to sleeping, relaxing, a hobby or our job, all of us sit much more than is good for us.

Unfortunately, the implications of living a sedentary lifestyle at both work and home can lead to serious consequences if it is not addressed right away.

If you do typical 'office work' and sit at your desk all day for 35-40 hours a week, then you probably do not get up much over the course of your normal workday, other than bathroom and lunch breaks. If this occurs over a long period of time, that can result in physical symptoms and more serious conditions at times.

Blood flow within the human body depends on movement, which allows it to properly circulate and reach into all parts of the body that need it. Movement benefits nerve cells which allows them to communicate much easier with the muscles and brain. When we are sitting or stationary, the muscles don't get as much oxygen and blood and the nerves don't function at their optimum level either.


The human spine is held together by ligaments, muscles, and joints, which allows us to sit upright or stand. As an individual sits with their back hunched over, and their shoulders rounded, it compresses the joint, decreases the chest cavity, and the muscles are overworked or stretched. That all inevitably leads to aches and pains.

Weight and Further Complication

When sitting for a long period it time it can deactivate lipoprotein lipase temporarily. This enzyme is inside the walls of the capillaries which break down the fats within the blood. When this enzyme is deactivated, the fat cells build up and can cause blockages within the capillaries potentially.


Sitting for a prolonged period of time reduces blood flow throughout the entire body and the brain consequently. The brain needs to receive a continuous supply of blood that is rich in oxygen to keep us alive. The longer that we sit, the more it restricts blood flow, which results in less blood flow into the brain. Being switched on and alert needs a continuous flow of blood into the brain, and this lack of proper blood flow while sitting for extended periods of time can result in a drop in concentration levels.

Alaska Back Care can treat the issues prolonged sitting causes. If you call us, we would be happy to schedule an appointment.
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