Whiplash is one of those terms heard by everyone but still confused by most. Being diagnosed with whiplash usually strikes people off with shock and uncertainty due to them being uneducated and unsure about it. With that being said, in this article, we are going to briefly explain what whiplash is, what are the symptoms, what the causes are and we are also going to talk about conservative care for whiplash.

What does whiplash entail?
Putting it out front, whiplash is a neck injury (cervical spine), caused by a severe jerk to the head, usually in a car accident. It is the result of sudden, vigorous back and forth neck movement. The fracture is very similar to the motion of a cracking whip, both involving the injury of a flexible part of a whip.

The common outcomes after such an injury are
overstretching of ligaments, tendons, and wrists reduced range of motion muscle splinting weakened sense of spatial orientation, damaged nerves and discs .
Therefore, all these outcomes have results of their own. The symptoms for whiplash are blurred vision, neck pain, sleep problems, memory and focus loss, headaches, whining in the ears, and even depression. People suffering from whiplash are typically caught up in fogs. The more pressing the symptoms are, the more serious the injury is.

General causes
Just like we mentioned above, whiplash is usually the result of accidents ( commonly auto accidents), especially rear-end accidents, but that doesn't mean whiplash is an injury specific only for roadways. As the thing that leads to whiplash is the sudden and forceful movement, there are a lot of incidents that could lead to it, from a physical fight to a simple fall to even practicing sports such as wrestling, horse riding, skiing, and ice skating.
Basically, any spontaneous physical activity could potentially lead to whiplash.

Conservative care
Conservative care is the most effective treatment for whiplash. Although every injury has its own specifics and special healing needs, chiropractic treatment is one conservative and natural solution for almost any injury. It efficiently aids in the restoration of a significant range of motion, something that will loosen the patient's neck in important areas.
Once a good range of motion is restored, the nervous system automatically begins to function better. As the nervous system is operating better, your mind is connected to nerves throughout all the body, meaning your neck will also start to heal better.

Moreover, with the restoration of joint motion, all the stress and tension from the muscles, tendons, and ligaments are relieved. The treatment also takes care of your space orientation, stimulating your proprioceptors. The chiropractic care is also responsible for increasing the lymphatic flow, meaning your body will get cleaned of waste, damaged cells and your healing process will also get assistance. The treatment can be combined at the recommendation of the doctor with physical exercises to properly stimulate your body and heal it faster.

Although whiplash can represent a serious pain and stress, it doesn't have to panic you as it can be fixed with minimal intervention. However, if you ever find yourself diagnosed with whiplash, make sure to visit chiropractic professionals and let the doctors make your body heal faster and safer. Call us today!

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