A car accident can be very frightening for all who are involved. It can lead to a ton of stress and confusion immediately following the incident. Trying to protect your rights and make sure that you are in good shape are essential and it is not difficult to allow things to fall to the wayside.

While visiting a chiropractor is probably not at the top of your list of things to do after an accident, do not forget that an appointment should be made as soon as possible. Even if you feel perfectly fine, this is still something you should consider. A chiropractor that has experience with those who have been in auto accidents can help determine whether or not there are underlying health issues that need to be addressed. They will assess the need for long-term care.

Alaska Back Care is dedicated to helping people achieve improved health and wellness after being involved in an auto accident. Here are other DOs and DON'Ts to remember after you have been in an accident.

DO call the authorities and stay on the scene until they arrive. This includes law enforcement, your insurance carrier and an accident lawyer. This will ensure there is proper documentation of this event. If you plan to move forward with a claim against a responsible party, this will be crucial since it will be your responsibility to provide the burden of proof.

DON'T wait to get medical attention. You need to be seen and diagnosed as soon as possible. This should be done directly after the accident so there is no question about whether it was the cause of any injuries you have sustained. If you are injured due to the negligence of someone else, you will be entitled to compensation for medical costs and damages.

DO try your best to gather all of the information you can about the other driver, including their license information, plate number, their insurance carrier info and the make/model of their vehicle. Talk to any witnesses and obtain their contact information in case you need them to help you prove your case. Never admit fault or give a statement without your lawyer present. This can come back to haunt you if you have to offer a defense later.

Take pictures of everything at the scene as-is. DON'T move any vehicles that were involved in the incident.

Once you have sought medical attention, you should follow-up with a visit to an auto accident chiropractor so you can begin your journey to healing.

Alaska Back Care can help you with your chiropractic needs. Give us a call to learn more.

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