What are the best sleeping positions you may wonder? Here are a few that made our list:
Number One: Sleeping On Your Back

What It's Good For?

Preventing both neck and back pain and reducing acid reflux.

By sleeping on your back, it essentially makes it easy for everything to remain in neutral alignment including your head, neck, and spine.
Number Two: Sleeping On Your Side

What It's Good For?

This position is great for limiting both back and neck pain, snoring less, and even reducing acid reflux. Along with this, it happens to be good for those that are pregnant.

Side sleeping is one of the very best options that you can consider for improving your general health because it will allow you to keep your spine fully extended and it can dramatically reduce snoring which can disrupt your sleep quality. Also, if you are someone that suffers from acid reflux, it can be a good alternative to strictly sleeping on your back.
The Second Worst: Sleeping In A Fetal Position

What It's Bad For?

This position is bad for those that are looking to avoid both neck and back pain caused by sleeping position.

Unfortunately, when you sleep with your knees tucked in your rib cage, you are likely to feel bad in the morning because it can place a significant amount of strain on your joints. Along with this, it forces you into a curved position which can limit your ability to breathe properly. Therefore, you might not get enough oxygen throughout the night which can disturb the quality of your sleep.
The Very Worst: Sleeping On Your Stomach

What It's Bad For?

This is one of the worst positions that you could choose if you are someone that is looking to avoid neck and back pain.

Sleeping directly on your stomach makes it very difficult to maintain the kind of neutral position that you want with your spine. It can end up putting too much pressure on your joints which is likely to lead to significant joint pain.
How To Get Better Sleep

1. If you are a back sleeper, you want to place a pillow underneath your legs and pelvis which will help you maintain the natural curvature of your spine.

2. If you are someone that sleeps on your stomach, you can place a pillow under your pelvis to minimize the pain in your back.

3. If you are someone that sleeps directly on your side, you will want to ever so slightly lift your legs up towards your chest and sleep with cushioning right between your knees.

Have pains from poor sleeping positions? Try a professional chiropractic nearby. Call a reputable chiropractic service in your community.
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