It goes without saying that children are smaller than adults. However, even as they are still growing and developing, most parents tend to weigh kids down with backpacks that are heavy, huge and unbalanced. In America, one of the most common issues is lower back pain which coincidentally starts while most people are still children due to the over-sized backpacks that they carry. Since you do not want your child to suffer, listen to what a chiropractor has to say about the most ideal backpacks for kids.

Ideas on How to Select A Backpack

The first thing that you should do is to find a backpack that is very supportive in such a way that no undue stress will be placed on the back of the child. Ideally, backpacks for kids should be made of very lightweight material and they should be proportionate to the size of the child. If you buy a backpack that your child will grow into, you are only inviting trouble in the long run.

When buying backpacks, look for bags that have several compartments so that the weight inside can be balanced effectively. The ideal bags should have shoulder straps that are not less than two-inches wide. Further, you should look for backpacks that have a strap that can go around the waist of the child as they are carrying it.

How Should You Pack the Backpack?

When you are packing the backpack of a child, you should ensure that the weight is distributed evenly and that the total weight of the backpack is less than 15% the weight of the individual carrying it. If the backpack is too heavy, the kid will have to lean forwards in order to counterbalance the weight stress on the shoulders. If there are heavy items in the backpack, they should be packed very close to the body. If the heavy items are unnecessary, they should be left out of the backpack.

How Should the Backpack Be Worn?

When a child is being given a backpack to carry, the straps on the shoulder should be adjusted so that the bag is as close to the body as possible. This usually allows for even distribution of the weight on the spine hence preventing misalignment. In order to ensure that the weight of the backpack is distributed evenly, the two straps of the backpack should be used. Additionally, you should teach your kid how to bend their knees when picking up the bag instead of bending the waist when hoisting the bag on the back.

What Are the Issues That Can Be Brought by The Use of The Wrong Backpack?

Most people do not think that children are susceptible to the same physical issues as children if the wrong backpack is used. Most chiropractors will try to tell you that children cannot be affected by the same physical issues as adults. However, some of the issues that can arise from regular use of a heavy backpack include:

• Tingling and numbness in the arm
• Bad posture
• Pain in the shoulders and back
• A reduced rate of blood flow
• Neck pain and headaches
• Muscle strain due to overcompensation
• A distorted and misaligned spine

If a child wears the wrong backpack for a long duration of time, they are highly likely to get other physical problems in the future. Contact a professional chiropractor to check that your child's back is not at risk to be injured.
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