Do you suffer from chronic back or neck pain? Have you tried a lot of medication but it doesn’t work? Well, here are some of the best tips from a chiropractor to get rid of back and neck pain effortlessly.

1. Start your day by stretching. It will stretch your lower back and reduce any pain symptoms that come with it. You can stretch a few minutes every day for the best results.

2. Stretch out your hamstrings. If you spend too much time sitting in a chair, your hamstrings are going to be locked up. Note that, your hamstrings pull on your pelvis and are likely to cause misalignments in the spine if not stretched out properly.

3. Start doing sit-ups because they are key to reducing the pain in your back. However, you need to do it slowly to avoid making the pain worse, especially if you suffer from chronic back pain.

4. To reduce some of the tension in your neck, use the car’s headrests when you are driving home.

5. When sitting at a desk all day, you should avoid crossing your legs. Rather, they should be parallel and planted firmly on the ground. Use a footrest or box to prop them up if you can’t reach the ground. It will reduce the pressure on your lower back.

6. Don’t spend too much time staring at your smartphone because it’s bad for your neck. Your head carries a lot of weight and it strains the muscles if you spend too much time staring down at your phone.

7. Learn to sit up straight. Make sure your computer and keyboard are square with your body. Don’t hunch over your laptop or computer, especially when you place it on your lap.

8. Don’t sleep on your stomach because when you turn your head to the left or right, it will cause neck strain. You should sleep on your back with pillows underneath your knees. Also, you can sleep on your side with pillows placed between your knees. These positions are useful to maintain the natural curvature of the spine.

9. If you suffer from constant headaches, you can get an upper body massage to relieve the tension from your jaw, neck and shoulders. Any tension in these areas has been caused by such pain.

10. If you spend too much time standing or sitting in one position, you are going to trigger back pain. You need to take breaks and move around for the best results.

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