Athletic training can take a real toll on the body. This is especially true for long-distance runners. Running puts a tremendous amount of strain on the musculoskeletal system.

Whenever the foot of a runner strikes the ground, the resulting force jars nearly every part of the body. When running over long distances, this process repeats hundreds or thousands of times. Eventually, all of the extra strain on the body can lead to excess wear and tear with the extremities or the spine.

It is a must for long-distance runners to see a chiropractor regularly to maintain mobility and treat the aches and pains so that you can maintain your running routine. Visits like these are not only important from a health standpoint but also in terms of performance. A healthy body performs better than one that is damaged or misaligned.

Chiropractors help long-distance runners in a couple of different ways. They start by checking to ensure that the extremities and spine are moving as they should be. More than that, they also check the runner's gait and evaluate their posture to ensure proper biomechanical motion while running. Poor posture or incorrect running technique can increase strain on the whole body. Over time, this can lead to greater pain and a higher risk of injuries. It also can impede a runner's performance, keeping them from competing as effectively as they should. Long-distance runners may find it beneficial to think of their bodies as high-performance race cars. Like these cars, their bodies need to be properly maintained to perform at their peak level.

The services provided by Dr. Bryan Matthisen and Dr. Barry Matthisen at Alaska Back Care are beneficial for anyone, for runners, however, they are extremely important. Time to give us a call. Sports chiropractors can help athletes through the use of physical therapy, nutritional advice, gait analysis, and corrections to their posture. This can reduce the risk of injuries, boost performance, and allow athletes to recover more quickly after intense training periods or competitions.

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