Carrying a baby, from newborn until they're in their toddlerhood may slowly add stress and tension towards our neck, shoulders, wrists, especially our backs.

As a new parent, you won't be able to count how many times you're required to lift your child - whether it's for moving around, putting them to sleep or playing with them. You just have to carry them most of the time, which is why you must know how to at least safety and properly carry them, not just for your babies, but also for your posture as well.

Here are some carrying techniques and some ways to keep your posture correct:


Gently bend over and get as near to your baby as you can. Support your newborn's neck with one hand, and the other supporting their back and gently lift them until you're standing straight on your back. Do not quickly lift as this can cause back damage.


Kneel on one knee and again, make sure that you get as close to your newborn as much as possible. With one hand supporting the neck and the other, the baby's back, gently lift the baby and bring them over to your chest. Slowly get back standing by gently pushing your supporting leg. Do not lift quickly, and never bend with your waist.


To begin with, never rush when you're feeding. As always, lean over when you're close / near the baby. If possible, grab a chair or get yourself in a comfortable position when feeding the baby.


The majority of new parents feed their baby leaning forward - and backs are just hanging there with no support whatsoever. This position typically is the one that causes stress on the lower and upper back, neck, wrists, elbows and even shoulder.

The right way to do this is to lean back and sit on a comfortable chair. Make sure that your neck is not extended or slouched forward. This way, there'll be no stress towards your spine, which also makes feeding more tolerable even during prolonged periods. You can also use a pillow and place it under the baby to support your wrist, elbow, and shoulder.

A professional chiropractic in your area can give you more information on this! Give us a call when you are ready for posture lessons as a new parent.
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