One of the more common complaints we frequently hear from our new patients has to do with how they experience stiffness when they wake up in the mornings.

What Is The Cause Of Morning Stiffness?

The more common reason behind morning stiffness usually has to do with arthritis. This is easy to determine using an x-ray. The saying that goes “motion is lotion” when it comes to your joints, and when you go to sleep at night, this is when they are in a state of rest. This is when inflammation and fluid typically build-up, which results in stiff joints. This also happens when you sit for hours at a time. Yet pain and stiffness may also occur in people that do not have arthritis.

Spinal Arthritis

Some of the common symptoms linked to morning/arthritis stiffness include:

• Aching or tingling from the pressure placed on the nearby nerves

• Aching pain in damaged areas

• Specific types of movement which cause an increase in pain in association with the affected areas

• Not being able to complete tasks such as picking things up from the floor or tying shoelaces

• Loss or decrease in flexibility

• Sounds that come from a joint or the joints when making specific movements

• Hunched over or altered posture

The Steps To Take To Help With Spinal Stiffness/Arthritis

There are things you can do to alleviate the pain and stiffness associated with spinal arthritis and morning stiffness:

-Get Moving – You may prefer to stay still due to the pain and discomfort, but moving will definitely help.

-Eat Up – Add important anti-inflammatory foods to your diet such as green tea, berries, turmeric, and ginger.

-Go For Regular Chiropractic Care – This is one of the more obvious ones. Maintaining regular adjustments will help with the range of motion which is lost when arthritis is present.

Give your body enough time to adjust and wake up in the morning. Similar to how your brain also needs a bit of time in the morning to adjust and wake up, your body does too. After prolonged sitting or sleeping, move very slowly and do a couple of gentle stretches. Taking a warm bath or shower can also be very helpful when you first wake up.

You can also take supplements that contain Omega 3 and glucosamine. Let your local chiropractics help. We are available to take your call.

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