Shoulder pain is a common problem for most people, yet very few people go to chiropractors for help. Many others fail to understand that chiropractors can help with such pain and end up suffering in silence. Shoulder pain can be immense and can hinder you from going through your daily routine effectively. Ignoring the pain in the hopes that it would go away is the natural reaction most people turn to, but it can be dangerous. The best solution is to let a professional help you with the pain, and chiropractors are great at that. They don't just have the skills to make you feel better. They also have the knowledge to identify the source of the problem and give you a permanent solution. If you contact a chiropractor as soon as you start feeling the pain, they will diagnose it and help prevent it from becoming chronic.

Signs and symptoms

To avoid making the pain worse, you need to know how to differentiate the kind of pain that pass away without intervention and that which needs immediate care. Some of the symptoms to look out for therefore includes:

  • Pain that lasts longer than a couple of days. If you have tried other traditional therapy potions like applying ice or warm water to reduce pain by reducing inflammation in the area, then you should see a chiropractor urgently.
  • Intense pain that hinders you from using your arm.
  • Pain after experiencing direct trauma.
  • Pain can be felt even when the shoulder isn't being moved.

How they work

Chiropractors have different skill sets that they implement in different situations. For instance, the process used in back pain may not be the same once applied for shoulder or neck pain. They will identify the cause of the pain then give you a befitting treatment depending on what they discover. Some of the treatment options you may be given include:

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Dr. Bryan Matthisen is full body certified in Active Release Technique which is the premier technique to treat soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments) related injuries. It is essential to treat the correct soft tissue structures along with proper diagnosis to help you heal and recover from a shoulder complaint. With the help of Alaska Back Care Center's massage therapists, you the patient will receive the best hands on treatment.

Rehabilitation Prescription

Providing the patient with proper rehabilitation exercises can help strengthen the shoulder to prevent further injury and to allow the shoulder heal effectively.

Icing and heating

These are the most common pain management processes, especially when it has to do with inflammation. Heat relaxes the tissues around the injured area to increase blood flow while ice reduces swelling which can prolong recover time.

Low Level Laser Therapy

Laser therapy has become one of the top modalities used in the care of musculoskeletal problems, especially with pathologies in the shoulder. Benefits from low level laser therapy are decreasing the healing time, speeding up the recovery process, pain relief, and reducing inflammation.

Neuromuscular Training with Kinesiotape

When patients present with shoulder pain, they have abnormal joint movements that stresses on vital components of the shoulder joint. With the correct application of kinesiotape, those movements can be corrected along with providing support and pain relief.

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