Per Dr. Bryan Matthisen, D.C.

Ever wonder what’s on the shoulder of Michael Phelps when he swimming for gold or on the shoulders of NBA players during the game?

What you saw was kinesiotape! Kinesiotape is a specific style of tape that performs many functions such as:

  • Improving proprioceptive function

  • Facilitating natural healing process

  • Providing support to soft tissue

  • Limiting movements that cause joint and soft tissue dysfunction

  • Reducing swelling from injury

When applied to the skin, the tape’s adhesiveness allows the tape to be applied for multiple days without peeling off and allows it to survive water from sweat or the shower.

With the proper diagnosis and clinical experience of using kinesiotape responsibly and in a helpful manner that you’ll receive here at Alaska Back Care Center,  Kinesiotape can be an option for you to consider helping  you get back to your pain free life!
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