While you might want to head to a doctor rather than a chiropractor at first, it is important to remember that most doctors haven't had any specialized training in the areas of sports medicine of rehabilitation, making a chiropractor the best place to go when you have a sports injury. There is no quicker way to get back on the field in terms of treatment or rehabilitation.

The National Football League actually has a chiropractor for all 32 different teams, 27 out of 30 Major League Baseball teams have their own official chiropractors as well. The three teams that don't allow players to consult with their own chiropractors as part of their ongoing care. The NBA even has chiropractors working with 80% of their teams. Some of the people who use chiropractors for sports medicine include greats like Jerry Rice, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt, and even Sidney Crosby.


Unlike most doctors, sports chiropractors are used to working with athletic injuries and understand that you need and want to be treated quickly and efficiently so that you can have a speedy recovery and get back to doing what you want. Any chiropractor who works with athletes has one goal - to get them completely recovered as quickly as possible. It is important to keep in mind that both pro and casual athletes tend to think that they can go right back to playing before they are ready.


While now you know that chiropractors are experts at helping you recover from sports injuries, you likely don't know that they do a lot more as well. The nervous system, which controls the communication between the body and brain, can have its overall function improved via chiropractic adjustments. It's not uncommon for top athletes to use this as a way to gain an upper hand before an event or the big game.

Getting an adjustment from a chiropractor in Anchorage can improve the movement in your spine, reduce the pressure on your nervous system, keep your body working efficiently, and keep you going at the pace you want. Get in touch with a back care professional make the call today.
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