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In our office, adjustments to the thoracic spine is crucial in maintaining range of motion and reducing pain in these regions. Here is a video of that adjustment being performed.

The thoracic spine (mid-back) is a portion of your spine that is not designed to have as much range of motion as your cervical (neck) or your lumbar spine (low back). But it is one of the most common areas to have restricted range of motion and muscle tightness. This is due to the lack of awareness we are doing to our bodies throughout every day life. When this lack of motion occurs, other regions along your spine have to move more in order to cover for the lack of mobility in your mid back. This can lead to pain and biomechanical dysfunction in other areas such as your neck, low back, and shoulder regions.

So, What to do? Here are exercises/stretches to help maintain that mobility outside of our office:

Cat cow:

Thread the Needle:

Foam Roller Mobilization:

For number of repetitions and sets, I always say start with 3 sets of 10 reps (except for the Foam Roller Mobilization) to start and increase or decrease as needed. Be sure to perform the "Thread the Needle" drill bilaterally. When applied correctly, these exercises and stretches are vital to your health in your thoracic spine. For further assistance with your spinal health, give us a call at 907-349-4212 to schedule your first appointment and proceed to fill out our new patient form at the tab at the top of the page!
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