Prevention of back injuries is mostly a manner of personal effort. The unexpected can happen, and you find yourself in an accident that damages your back. Such an unfortunate event can be due to something that is beyond your control. However, studies show that peoples actions are often the cause of many of their back injuries. As such, there are measures you can take to prevent such injuries from happening to you. Below are a few preventive tips from a chiropractor.

• Pay attention to your lifting technique

How you lift heavy items such as the laundry basket or storage boxes has a direct impact on your back. If you do it correctly, your spine will be aligned and thus will not experience any stress as you straighten yourself with the load in hand. You should bend your knees a bit so that your back is straight as you pick up the heavy item off the floor.

If you are doing a lot of lifting, then you should try and reduce the distance you will cover when picking up the items from the floor. You can place these things on a chair or table to minimize how much you will have to bend. You back is not a crane; there is only too much bending and lifting that your back can endure before it gives in and you are left in pain.

• Practice sensible body management

In whatever you do, always ensure that you engage in the different activities with the health of your back in mind. That is how you will avoid back injuries. Experts recommend stretching before you engage in any physical activity. It makes the spine supple reading it what you are to do. Most importantly, take it slow when doing any repetitive heavy lifting and allow yourself to rest and stretch a bit, in-between the activity.

The physical activities you do play an essential role in protecting your back from injuries. They strengthen the spine, increasing its strength as well as the core muscles. As a result, you will be in a better position to lift heavy things and experience less stress to your back. How you sleep is also a factor that experts associate with issues of back pain and injuries. Therefore, you should sleep on a firm and comfortable mattress that provides ample support.

• Have injuries treated as soon as possible

You may have done your best to prevent a back injury from occurring, only for it to happen. If that is the case, you need to to be checked by an Anchorage chiropractor. Seek treatment if you have a herniated disc, a bulging disc, or spinal misalignment; these issues only worse the more they linger. Immediate treatment will mitigate or get rid of these problems, restore blood flow, and relieve any stress that they may cause to your back.

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