If you are ever unfortunate enough to become injured in an auto accident you might experience a strain in the muscles of your neck along with the surrounding soft tissue. This feeling is referred to as whiplash and may severely limit the movement of your neck.

When a car is hit from either the side or rear, the force may cause a sharp movement to the neck and head. It is critical to not ignore whiplash kinds of injuries and visit your Anchorage chiropractor right away. The best way to defend against whiplash is careful and fast treatment.

Symptoms of Whiplash

Symptoms may be felt instantly, or it could take or weeks before they manifest themselves. They may include:

Upper back pain
Loss of mobility within the shoulders and/or neck

Whiplash is a common term that describes neck injuries that are caused by sudden impact. If your head is violently thrown backward or to the side, your vertebrae, ligaments, muscles, and discs all may be damaged.

Why Your Headrest Is So Important

Consumer reports and the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) have noted significant improvements in the effectiveness of headrests to prevent the occurrence of whiplash-related injuries in an accident. However, the IIHS has rated almost half of all headrests for being poor vehicles out on the road prior to 2006. Follow these rules in order to reduce your chances of getting whiplash:

Your headrest should be as high as the top part of your ears at minimum
Your headrest should also not be over four inches away from the back part of your head

Other Whiplash Causes

It isn't only auto accidents that can cause whiplash and its harmful effects. Whiplash can also be caused by being checked hard against the boards while playing hocking, being tackled aggressively while playing football, or falling down the stairs. One somewhat comforting fact is that a majority of whiplash injuries are not severe and with proper care will completely heal.

Your Best Defense Is A Healthy Neck

First and foremost, chiropractors are primary caregivers and spinal health specialists. Your bones, tendons, and neck muscles all fall under the area of expertise of your Anchorage chiropractor. Trust your back care professionalsand call discuss your care with him or her.
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