Sports training puts a significant demand on your body. Whatever sport you choose to pursue it can be difficult to stay healthy and to recover between training sessions. This is particularly true for long distance running, where the demands of the sport lean towards both overtraining of the muscles, and stress on the joints.

Every time a runner's foot hits the ground, the impact of that puts strain on the foot, knee and spine. The foot is responsible for distributing force and weight, but an improper gait can cause injuries, and injuries can impair your gait too. It is important for long-distance runners to get regular check-ups and to see a specialist such as a chiropractor to help them stay working at their best so that they can put in the times that they want in their races.

Chiropractors work with the spines and extremities to help people maintain proper alignment, posture and gait. If anything is wrong then the runner is likely to experience pain, if not now then very soon, because of the stress that a poorgait can put on the body. Pain, injury and an inability to perform at a high level are all likely if a runner is not looking after their feet and posture and maintaining a proper gait. For the highest levels of competition, it is crucial that everything is 'working properly'.

Chiropractors are vital for anyone, but in particular for those who are putting their bodies through a lot of stress in competition. In addition to getting spinal extremity adjustments, a good chiropractor will use physical therapy modalities and will offer postural correction. Some also offer nutritional analysis, and stride training so that competitors can improve their running technique and get race-ready. If you are serious about performing at the highest level then seeing a good chiropractor can help you to get there and to get the times you want. Give us a call today.
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