Pounding headache that needs relief? Did you pop a pill or tough it out? There's a far better solution. Alaska Back Care can help you to find relief without expensive medications or drugs that upset your stomach.

Headache Causes

Headaches are caused by a variety of issues including trauma, poor posture that can all aggravate muscles and tendons in the head and the neck. Primary Headaches aren't generally symptoms of an underlying disease.
The most typical primary headaches are:


Headaches can be caused by a variety of things that a chiropractor can help to address including:

Allergies to foods
Environmental Stimuli
Changes in blood sugar

Chiropractic treatment focuses on these as well as acute trauma symptoms. Chiropractic care if for the entire person, not just the back. Good chiropractors look over all of the causes for your headache and help you to overcome the headache once and for all.

How A Chiropractor In Anchorage Can Help You

Frequently, the tension in the spine is related to other areas of your body. Anchorage chiropractors can work to isolate the root cause of your headache and formulate a way to eliminate the root cause in the future.

How Does A Chiropractor Assess?

A chiropractor will take the time to look at your history over during the examination. They may take the time to X-ray your neck and back to assess the posture. They will work to find the root cause of your headaches and then they will work to find a solution. It may be as simple as posture, or it may be a variety of issues that cause you to have headaches. Call for an assessment today.
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