Even a minor car accident can cause whiplash, if you have neck or back pain, or just feel a bit off, it is likely that you have sustained this injury. Whiplash that isn't treated can be the ticket to a lifetime of crippling, chronic pain if you don't get it addressed by an Anchorage chiropractor.

Whiplash occurs when the spine is knocked or "whipped" out of alignment, causing strain on the neck muscles, intense pain, and generalized discomfort. While painkillers help a bit, they only control pain and it is important to treat the root cause of whiplash to recover from it quickly.

Chiropractic treatment for all spinal injuries includes relieving pressure on the nerves, muscles, and tendons within the body. This is called an alignment, and when combined with corrective exercises it can heal serious musculoskeletal injuries.

The body tries to immobilize areas that have undergone trauma in order to protect them. Spasms that are meant to protect the body can lock up or immobilize damaged muscles or joints. While this a normal reaction in a healthy body, if function is not restored to these muscles and joints within 3-4 weeks, scar tissue can form, making it much harder to make a full recovery.

Your chiropractor knows that a treatment program with multiple approaches is going to be the best way to make sure you heal quickly and completely.


A Chiropractic Adjustment will help reduce pressure on "pinched" nerves, and both aligns and properly positions joints within the body.


While the use of ice and anti-inflammatory medications, like Ibuprofen, Aspirin, or Naproxen can give you relief in the short-term, but they are not a fix-it-all and don't actually address the source of your pain. Leave it to the back care professionals. Reach out and call a back care facility in your area.
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