2020 has seen the rise of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and while the media is awash with cases of new infections and deaths, people are taking extra measures to be safe and rid of the virus. It is no wonder that people are stocking up on food and hand sanitizer. While most people are panicking, doctors are recommending lifestyle changes to ensure that you avoid getting sick or dying from the virus.

One of the most basic ways of keeping you and your family safe from the Coronavirus is to keep your hand clean at all times. It is recommended that you wash your hands as frequently as possible, for at least 20 seconds. To be careful, it is important to wash your hands with soap and warm water. While your hands may not appear dirty, it is advisable that you wash it every time you touch surfaces in public places like buses and public restrooms. It is also important that you wash them before every meal and after visiting the toilet. Regular handwashing will keep germs off your hands and prevent further exposure. Avoid touching your face too, as this is the easiest way of transferring germs to yourself.

Eat Healthy
Research continues to show that the Coronavirus is more prevalent among people with a weak immune system. the good news is that you can easily boost your immune system by eating the right food. eating a balanced diet made up of fresh vegetable, fruits and whole grains is important. If your body has the right balance of microbiome, your body can fight against infection more easily. Doctors have advised that added sugar should be limited and vitamins C and D added to your diet.

Get Good Sleep
Most people do not associate sleep with good health, but studies show that getting the right amount of sleep can help you boost your immune system. The recommended amount of sleep is around seven to eight hours every day. If you find it difficult to get enough sleep, you should consider changing your sleeping habits. Preparing well in advance for bed is crucial. This includes switching off your electronic devices and avoiding social media. It may also be as simple as dimming your lights before going to bed.

What Next?
The Coronavirus is here and may be here for a while until a cure is found. While reports show new cases of infection and rapid spread, you can easily protect yourself by observing these basic tips. To stay abreast with new developments concerning the virus, do not hesitate to check the official website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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