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October 12th, 2020

Chiropractic: Safe for Everyone

 We see a large number of patients in our Anchorage office, and Dr. Matthisen has helped many people overcome a variety of health problems. Howev ...

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October 8th, 2020

Back Pain and Car Accidents

If you are suffering from back pain after a car crash, you're not alone. Dr. Matthisen sees this type of condition very often in our Anchorage off ...

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June 16th, 2020

Why Texting should be a Major Concern to your Health

Chiropractic specialists at Alaska Back Care are committed to keeping you healthy and enjoying a quality life. We try to research and try to give you ...

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June 9th, 2020

How Stretching can Contribute in Maintaining a Healthy Body

As your trusted chiropractic specialist in Alaska, we can tell you that chiropractic therapy is the best thing you can do the wellness of your body. ...

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June 3rd, 2020

What Is Chiropractic Therapy and How is it Beneficial

Chiropractic therapy is a type of treatment for addressing conditions such as back pain, headache, foot or hand problems, and neck pain. This therapy ...

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June 1st, 2020

How Chiropractic Helps In Relieving Stress

Nowadays, we are living in a hectic world, which is making many people develop physical, mental, and emotional stress. Today's quick-paced life is le ...

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April 26th, 2020

Why It's Never Too Late To See A Chiropractor

Have you ever consulted a chiropractor? If your answer is no, we can safely presume that you are missing out on something very important. As per esti ...

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April 23rd, 2020

Why Chiropractic Treatment is The Best For Injuries?

Although many injuries can be fully treated with other, simpler and less complex treatment methods, there are specific traumas that need chiropractic ...

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April 20th, 2020

Massage Therapy Types Explained

In the past few years, massage therapy has gained a lot of popularity and there are a lot of people who have used it and got amazing results. There a ...

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April 17th, 2020

Need A Chiropractor For Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain is a common problem for most people, yet very few people go to chiropractors for help. Many others fail to understand that chiropractor ...

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